God Cares for You

Happy new Year, God cares for you!!! God cares for you Meaning, he concerns himself, with the things that interest you, things that cause you anxiety. He care for you so much He has proved he cares for you because; Before you knew you would need a savior  He gave a savior for you  Before… Continue reading God Cares for You

He Choose You

You did not choose him, He chose you He chose you before you knew you would need to be chosen He choose you before you knew he was choosing   He chose you because he wanted to choose you That's why he did it before you knew you would need to be chosen That's why he… Continue reading He Choose You

My Husband and I favourite song and Why We Love it

I thank God because he gave me a sweet true Christian husband. We both are grateful for salvation and we enjoy spending time in bible study, prayer and we have a favourite song that we never get tired of listening or singing. The song is Give thanks written by Henry Smith in 1978 and sang… Continue reading My Husband and I favourite song and Why We Love it

Bible Verses on Who You are in Our Lord Jesus Christ

Knowing who you are is important because it builds your self-confidence, guides you in making choices, and guides your approach and attitude towards life. It also guides you on how to behave. Below are bible verses on who you are after you receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Read and meditate on them, see yourself… Continue reading Bible Verses on Who You are in Our Lord Jesus Christ

God Knows All Things: This is Wonderful!

God knows all things in the past, present and future. All things about the 7.8 billion people in the world today and the other billions in the days to come and everything else (planets,asteroids,mountains,houses,businesses...) in the world and in space. He knows what you will say or do even before you say or do it.… Continue reading God Knows All Things: This is Wonderful!

Defining moment for Christians

Defining moment means the time that shows very clearly what something is really about.COVID-19 has brought about a stand in physical meeting of Christians in churches. Meeting during the weekdays has also reduced because no fellowships and generally people are not as mobile as before, so, meeting is less likely than before. I call this… Continue reading Defining moment for Christians