He Loves to Hear You Talk With Him

Communicating with someone who loves to communicate with you is interesting, effortless and exciting especially for an introvert. I am more of an introvert so, I know how hard it is for introverts to start a conversation especially with people who aren't interested in talking with them. Are you an introvert? Can you relate to… Continue reading He Loves to Hear You Talk With Him

Be Part of The Joy In Heaven

Every time a sinner repents heaven( God, angels, and all holy beings) rejoice. Are you rejoicing with them? Notice that heaven is not rejoicing when you get another degree or buy a new car, build a bigger church or build a bible college ... but it's when one sinner repents. Luke 15:7 I say unto… Continue reading Be Part of The Joy In Heaven

Meaning of Fearing God & Promises to Those Who Fear Him

Fearing God is having an absolute reverence (respect and honor) and awe (amazement, admiration, reverential fear) for God. The awe and reverence comes from knowing who God is: all powerful, holy, glorious, kind, jealous, hoy, love, all knowing, clothed with majesty, almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, faithful… .You see God in all his… Continue reading Meaning of Fearing God & Promises to Those Who Fear Him